Use the Power of Light

to help you manage your back and neck issues
Now, a local doctor has what may be the most important treatment in helping get rid of Back & Neck pain. No matter where you are at with this suffering of Back & Neck pain, whether you’re contemplating surgery, tired of more and more medications, or you just injured it yesterday, a very ‘results proven and driven method’ that has been around for over 40 years, may be the answer for you.


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Are These Healing Lasers Safe?

Laser therapy has been tested for 40 years, has over 2000 papers published on it and been shown to aid in damaged tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation, issues relief and boosting the ultimate strength of a joint.

Before the FDA would clear Laser therapy for human use, they wanted to see proof that it worked. This led to two landmark studies.

The first study showed that patients who had Laser therapy had 53% improvement than those who had a placebo.

The second study showed patients who used the Laser Therapy had less issues and more range of motion just days after treatment. If Laser Therapy can help these patients, it can help you too.

Could This Non-Invasive Treatment Eliminate Your Back & Neck Issues?

We understand what it feels like to live in issues, because we see it every day.

We’ve seen countless people suffering fromBack & Neck issues and leave our office Issues Free and extremely satisfied. We are the Exclusive Practice in the area to offer Cold Laser ProtocolsTM This trademarked company has created specific protocols for Your Specific Condition!

Take Action TODAY, and Schedule Your Visit

Take a look at what you will receive:

• An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being where I will Listen.. really Listen…to the details of your Back & Neck issues.
• A complete neuromuscular examination and neurological exam.
• A full set of specialized x-rays to determine the Degeneration level contributing to your issues or symptoms.
• A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so we can start mapping out your plan to being issues free.

Do Not Procrastinate, Schedule Now and get everything we’ve listed here for our ‘all inclusive’ New Patient Introductory Power of Light Evaluation.

Have you tried just about everything for your Back & Neck issues?

Have you been on issues pills or even ‘advanced’ to prescriptions like Vicodin, Soma, Gabapentin, or some other muscle relaxer?

But the real problem is while you make it through the day all “numbed up”…. you are likely making your problem even worse… without knowing it.

The normal price for this type of evaluation including x-rays is $250, so you’re saving a considerable amount by Scheduling immediately…..Treatments are Effective and Affordable, especially when compared to back surgery or ongoing physical therapy.

Call US NOW 727 372-0091 and we can get you scheduled for your consultation, exam and x-rays as soon as there’s an opening.

Come see us and you’ll get to see how gentle this Cold Laser Treatment is and how Efficient it is while “Doing Away” with your condition once and for all.

You may be back to having fun in just a matter of days. When you call, tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Power of Light Evaluation so we can make sure you receive proper scheduling for your condition.

Why ‘settle in’ for years in misery?

That’s no way to live, not when there is an effective solution to your problem.

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Just $45 for your Power of Light Evaluation ($250 Value) – Call Now!

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