Do you suffer from CHRONIC joint pain?

Finally, an answer besides drugs and surgery
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Do you suffer from chronic joint pain? Have you hoped it will go away on its own?

Have you tried medication? Resting it? Icing it? Even injections for it?

While these actions may help it, they do nothing from preventing it happening to you again.

What if there was a way of reducing this knee pain without having to take medication, or without having to have surgery?

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There is a solution. It’s called Cold Laser Therapy. It is non surgical. It requires no medication. It is non intrusive.

Baywest Health & Rehab has been treating conditions such as this for many years, with the majority of the cases seen are quite severe. While we do treat these cases with excellent results, we would rather treat you before your pain gets too bad.

Here at Baywest Health, we have always been at the cutting end of technology, helping our patients deal with their knee pain and could soon have you feeling better within a few visits.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what one of our satisfied patients has to say about it. Play the video and listen to two of our many success stories.

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